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Hello! I live in Missouri with my husband and two huge chocolate labs who torture my spouse by plucking and eating his heirloom tomatoes just as they ripen. Most of the time we also have a foster dog staying with us – 20 have stayed with us on their way to forever homes over the past couple of years.

My work as a leadership development consultant took an unexpected turn a while back when I developed a program designed to help adults keep children safe from abuse. After the sessions, survivors often talked to me about their stories. Through their words, statistics became people—daughters and sons, siblings, parents, friends. And their collective voice resounded in my head, demanding to be heard.

I’m a big believer in the power of stories to positively impact our world. Say Something was inspired by these brave women and men. Maggie is a fictional character and this story is uniquely hers, yet her story and her power are every woman’s and every girl’s.

I hope you enjoy the book and are inspired to be part of the change we all need to see.

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